10. Terrell Owens
There's no 'T.O.' in 'team.'
140 Points

Fact: Terrell’s nickname is T.O., and his middle name is Eldorado!

Fact: As a child, T.O. was denied the opportunity to watch TV in his spare time!

Fact: In early 2005, Camile Paglia said T.O. has "rescued Philadelphia" and "brought glamour and glitz and an electrifying jolt of good vibrations to the city!"

Fact: T.O. once celebrated a touchdown by pulling a Sharpie from his sock, signing the football, then handing it to his accountant!

Fact: In a Playboy interview, T.O. hinted that San Francisco QB Jeff Garcia was gay!

Fact: This year T.O. earned more AHOY points than Osama bin Laden!

Fact: In 2004, T.O.'s Eagles jersey was the NFL’s biggest seller!

Fact: T.O. was named the stupidest player in NFL history by Fox Sports!

Cheer up, T.O.! You’re the smartest NFL player on this year’s AHOY!


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