12. Pat Robertson
Who would Jesus kill?
134 Points

Fact: Pat’s real name is Marion! He chose "Pat" because it has a certain ring.

Fact: Marion once threatened to sue NBC News for labeling him a "television evangelist!"

Fact: Marion traces his bloodline back to presidents William Henry Harrison and Benjamin Harrison, and Winston Churchill! His dad was a U.S. Senator!

Fact: During the Korean War, military man Marion was assigned the duty of making sure the officers’ clubs had enough liquor!

Fact: When Marion ran for president, he vowed to eliminate the departments of Education and Energy!

Fact: Three times, Marion has claimed to have steered hurricanes away from his Virginia home through the power of his prayers!

Fact: In 2005, Marion led a 21-day national campaign to pray for future vacancies on the U.S. Supreme Court!

Fact: At various times, Marion has said his IQ is 159, 139 and 137!

That makes Mario--er, Pat, the smartest television evangel--er, preacher on this year’s AHOY list!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! John Wayne's real name was Marion, too!

1/27/2006 2:29 PM  

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