15. Ann Coulter
Thin argument
130 Points

Fact: Ann claims she didn't read her Time profile because, on the cover, "my feet are the size of the Atlantic Ocean, and my head is the size of a tiny little ant!"

Fact: Ann’s driver’s license shaves two years off her age!

Fact: While in school, Ann wore fur coats to class, even in hot weather!

Fact: Ann was part of the legal team that won $151,000 for Paula Jones and $600,000 in fees!

Fact: Ann is always in danger of being hit with a pie!

Fact: Ann is a big fan of the rock group, The Grateful Dead!

Fact: Ann’s lanky frame suggests that she suffers from a genetic disorder!

And people who hate Ann's lanky guts suggest that she's a top 20 AHOY!


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