34. Hillary Clinton
Geena Davis has nothing to worry about
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Fact: Hillary was 1983 Arkansas Woman of the Year!

Fact: Hillary used to sit on the board of directors for Wal-Mart!

Fact: Some theorists believe Hillary murdered Vince Foster with her bare hands!

Fact: Now and then, Hillary talks to Eleanor Roosevelt!

Congratulations to the Grammy-winning Yankee-rooter Hillary, the only member of both the National Women’s Hall of Fame and AHOY!


Anonymous yankee_doodle_manly said...

These liberals are poking fun when they say HELLary killed Vincent Foster "with her bare hands."

Everyone knows she carries a Derringer in her purse.

1/17/2006 3:41 AM  
Anonymous John Berdsford Tipton said...

She carries a Jeanine Pirro voodoo doll in her purse. Along with the Satanic Bible, sexual pleasure romper and, of course, a box-cutter.

1/17/2006 6:13 AM  

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